Island of passions and tastes

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Factors influencing the smells, the flavors, the color of the Sicilian recipes are the many spices available. Special climatic conditions ensure the natural growth of crops that produce wine and oil of high quality. They have made Sicily famous in Italy and worldwide.

During the centuries lots of foreign cultures have dominated Sicily. In particularly arabs left a lot of ingredients and recipes.

Nowadays various sweet recipes have been created and they are considered as fondamental dishes in Sicilian culinary tradition. During each religious festival, children wait for a traditional sweet.

The best of Sicilian pastries are "cannoli" and "cassata" that are well known worldwide, both made from goat's milk or cow's milk bred in Sicily.

The district of "Ragusa" owes its reputation to the elegant Baroque structures of its churches and palaces, but is also known for its agricultural production. It exports fruits and vegetables throughout Europe and in some cases in the world.

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